For woman and man

« Maniguette » ; a unique creation or collection sew in few examples. Every item is identify by his own code. These  codes have  2 or 3 letters follow by 4  numbers. You have to use the identification code of the product when you wish to place an order. You can write at the email of Maniguette at or use the contact form.




« Maniguette » is a wide variety of bibs. Are you looking for design, reversible or  easy care? It’s possible to get the appropriate item. At home or outside, it’s more than a bib; it’s a creation. The model double-breasted (code AC)  and the model « restaurant (code AP)  were created to be convenient and elegance.





Available in three differents lengths. The smallest may be useful for cooking with a child. If someone needs to protect clothes at the table, the apron « short » is an alternate solution to the bib. The tallest is created for craftsman.


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